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● Thermal resistance two, three wire input isolation type safety gate: the field two wire system, three wire heating resistance signal into the standard 4-20mA current signal, isolated transmission to the safety side.
● DRG-1400 one in and one out
● DRG-1401 one in two out
● DRG-1420 two in two out
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● DRG-4000 thermal resistance isolation type safety gate with intrinsic safety input loop of the single channel safety gate, can from the danger zone of the second/third/fourth line heating resistance value 1:1 transfer to the safety zone.
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● Convert field thermocouple/millivolt signal into standard 4-20mA current signal, isolate and transmit to safety side. This IS AN intelligent safety gate with automatic cold-end compensation function. The thermocouple millivolt signal and range range can be set by computer.
● DRG-1500 One in and one out
● DRG-1501 One in two out
● DRG-1520 two in two out
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● DRG 5000 thermocouple isolation safety gate with intrinsic safety input loop thermocouple millivolt signal 1:1 isolation transmission safety gate. Used for 1:1 isolated transmission of millivolt signals (-10mV~60mV) from a variety of thermocouples from the danger zone to the safe zone.
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