Environmental protection case
Environmental protection case
Ningbo Shinan District Sewage treatment Plant, Zhejiang Province, Phase III
Guodian Changyuan No.1 Power Generation Co., LTD. #12 unit (1×330MW) flue gas desulfurization renovation project
Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., LTD. 1#2# sintering flue gas waste heat recovery technical renovation project
Xinjiang Tunfu Thermal Power Co., LTD. Construction of the 10th Division of Beitun Tunfu Thermal Power (2×135MW) Ultra-low emission transformation project of Flue gas
Aluminum Corporation of China Liancheng Branch to build 500 kiloampere carbon roaster flue gas purification system upgrade project
Baotou Thermal power Plant boiler flue gas purification project
Shanxi Sunshine Power Generation Co., LTD. 4×320MW unit flue gas Ultra-low emission transformation project (flue gas waste heat utilization transformation Project)
Huainan China Power International Co., LTD. Pingwei 2X640MW Unit Ultra-low Emission Transformation Project Flue gas Desulfurization synergistic Dust removal Integration Efficiency Improvement Project (Survey and design)
Hubei Nongduofeng Science and Technology Development Co., LTD. Crop recycling and deep processing new project
Gaoping Urban and rural Sanitation Integration Project of Gaoping City Administration
Chongqing Bishuiyuan Construction Project Management Co., LTD. Zhongxian Sujia Sewage Treatment Plant phase III expansion project
Xiangyin Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau Xiangyin Agricultural non-point source pollution control project section 1
Nayong County Dongdi Miao yi township Government Nayong County Dongdi Township sewage treatment facilities project
Huadian Qudong Power Generation Co., LTD denitrification reducing agent liquid ammonia to urea transformation project
Xiayi County animal husbandry Center Xiayi County manure collection and treatment point construction project
Shaoxing Miaote New Material Co., LTD. 180,000 tons of paper waste residue reduction and resource recovery project
Fujian Zhangzhou Fuhua Water Development Co., LTD. Drainage pipeline project of north Gulei Development Zone sewage treatment Plant
Jiangxi Jinxi Industrial Park Management Committee Jinxi County Chengxi Ecological High-tech Industrial Park industrial sewage treatment plant construction project
Hebei Linzhang Economic Development Zone Management Committee Yidu Sewage Treatment Plant equipment renovation project
Zhenfeng County water resources Development investment Co., LTD. Zhenfeng County Pingjie Township sewage treatment project