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Nanjing Paragon Technology Co., LTD

Nanjing PARAGON CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the r&d, production and sales of industrial field signal isolation, conversion, acquisition and other products. Main signal isolator, signal amplifier, safety gate, distributed I/O module, power transmitter, surge protector, safety appliances, display meter, etc., with its excellent RESEARCH and development ability and production technology, we have achieved (OEM) non-standard customized products for many customers in the relevant fields, to achieve miniaturization, centralization, With multiple technologies in temperature bleaching, accuracy and reliability, our products have gained a high reputation in the field of industrial automation and control, obtaining CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, EX, CCC and SIL certification.


南京帕罗肯科技有限公司(PARAGON CO.,LTD)是一家专业从事工业现场信号隔离、转换等产品的研发、生产、销售的高科技企业。公司生产基地位南京市江宁区高新技术产业开发区江宁科技园,科技园隶属于国家级电力孵化中心。帕罗肯科技作为一家专业生产信号隔离器、隔离配电器、隔离分配器、安全栅、电量变送器、浪涌保护器、显示表、1/O远程模块的制造商,一直致力于各种工业级高品质信号隔离调理变送器等系列产品的研发。


Industry application
  • 3C

    As an important part of China's press and publication industry, printing industry is one of the main carriers of cultural industry. It has dual attributes of both cultural industry and processing industry, and is an important industrial sector of China's national economy. Multi-color, high-speed, automatic, linkage and other advanced printing and installation technology and equipment have been applied in China, digital printing and information management technology has developed rapidly. Palocon provides high quality IO remote intelligent modules for the printing and packaging industry.

  • Metallurgy

    Matteo paro Ken independent research and development of isolator, isolation type safety barrier, surge protector, temperature transmitter, and other products to protect the safety operation of the metallurgical industry automation system for a long time, successfully applied in metallurgical industry, such as blast furnace, converter, sintering, coking, industrial furnace, heating furnace, oxygen plant, alumina and copper smelting iron and steel and non-ferrous metal smelting and processing device, It is the common choice of many high quality metallurgical enterprises.

  • Cement industry

    Cement is the most widely used and most used building materials in the world. Cement industry is the main part of building materials industry and has a high correlation with the national economy. Its development is mainly affected by the development of downstream industries such as construction, real estate, energy and transportation. The four industries account for about 80% of China's total cement consumption and are the leading force driving the growth of cement demand. Parokan passive isolators have long been used in cement industry automation system installations.

  • environmental protection industry

    The report on the work of the Central Government during the 2016 NPC and CPPCC sessions further clarified that we should vigorously develop the energy conservation and environmental protection industry and cultivate it into a pillar industry for China's development. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the environmental protection industry is expected to continue to enjoy high prosperity under the support of the policy. At the same time, the development speed of the environmental protection industry will depend on the overall promotion of policies, environmental management system reform, regulatory law enforcement, PPP and other innovative modes. The series of signal isolators developed by Palokan have long been used for signal isolation and conversion of automatic system in environmental protection industry.

  • Power Industry

    At present, the internationalization level of domestic electric power equipment manufacturing enterprises is constantly improving. Chinese enterprises have gradually developed from the export of single machines and complete sets of equipment under conventional trade, from project subcontracting to general contracting, and continuously exported domestic technology, management and labor, and then expanded upstream to financing. Parocon provides you with a complete set of anti-interference, anti-surge and other port protection solutions, in the industry boiler control, thermoelectric DCS system, generator set control, desulfurization engineering and other typical applications. With the long-term stability and reliability of products, as well as the rich experience of technical support, for the thermal power industry in the automatic DCS system to provide reliable products and quality services.

  • New energy

    Lithium battery industry is an important part of the new energy industry. From the perspective of the industrial chain of lithium battery, it covers a wide range. The upstream is mainly lithium battery raw materials and production equipment, including non-ferrous metals, petroleum and coal chemical industries. Midstream is a lithium battery manufacturer engaged in cell manufacturing and packaging. Downstream, lithium batteries are used in consumer electronics, power and energy storage devices. Palokon remote IO module has been deeply engaged in the lithium electric industry for many years, providing complete remote IO solutions for lithium electric equipment.

  • Warehouse logistics

    Logistics is the arterial system of the national economy, which connects every part of social production to make it an organic whole. They supply each other with their products for the productive consumption of the other party and the living consumption of the workers. They depend on each other and compete with each other, forming an extremely complicated relationship. Logistics is the link and blood vessel that holds these complex relationships together. Palokon provides high quality IO remote intelligent modules for the warehousing and logistics industry.

  • Industrial automation

    "Made in China 2025", adhere to the "innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talented person for this" the basic policy, adhere to the "market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation" of the basic principles, through the "three steps" to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power. Palokan independent research and development of isolators, isolated safety gate, surge protector, IO remote intelligent module and other products to protect the operation of industrial automation system safety.

  • Rail traffic

    As an emerging industry in the high-end manufacturing industry, high-speed rail has a very good development prospect in the future, so many developed countries around the world are actively involved in this field. In 2013, the operating revenue of CSR and CNR, which are owned by China, ranked first and second in the world, respectively reaching 97.89 billion yuan and 97.24 billion yuan. Palocon provides high quality IO remote intelligent modules for the rail transit industry.

  • Petrochemical engineering

    The oil industry is the pillar industry of China and plays a pivotal role in the development of China's national economy. Its production line is long and involves a wide range of production processes including oil and gas exploration, oil and gas field development, drilling engineering, oil production engineering, oil and gas gathering and transportation, crude oil storage and transportation, oil refining, oil product sales, etc. It provides gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, chemical raw materials, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber and chemical fertilizer for social production. Safety instrumentation system (SIS) is more and more widely used in petroleum industry. It is necessary to pay attention to production availability while improving device safety. The operation of chemical industry largely depends on the reliable operation of industrial measurement and system, and its products and applications such as explosion-proof safety, lightning protection safety and anti-electromagnetic interference are the key components and conditions to ensure the smooth operation of the system.

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Market-oriented science and technology as the power, quality as life and benefit as the center

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