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DA-13 Distribution isolator (2, 3, 4-wire)

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Base centralized power supply series

● Power indicator, alarm status indicator; ●Optional with surge protection, RS485 signal; ●Full isolation between input/output/power supply; ●Base centralized power supply, support hot swap; ●DIN rail mounting, pluggable terminals.

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Number of channels 1input/1output
Output accuracy(20°C) 0.1%F.S.
Temperature drift 50ppm/K
Response time <0.05s (0~90%) (TYP)
Dielectric strength 1500VAC/1min,2mA
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ;500VDC
Electromagnetic compatibility compliant with GB/T18268 (IEC61326-1)
Weight About 90g
Field apparatus Two wire transmitter; Three wire transmitter; Current source
Input data
Input signal 4-20mA;
Input impedance ≤100Ω
Input max value 35mA
Distribution voltage 24VDC(Maximum drive current 40mA)
Output data
Output signal 0~10V;0~20mA
Output impedance current≤500Ω;voltage≥10KΩ
Power supply
Supply voltage(Ue) 24VDC±10%
Power protection Reverse protection of power supply
Power consumption <1W
Power supply mode Independent power supply
Power connecting mode Terminal power supply;Base power supply
Overall dimension
Base power supply
height 121mm
width 113mm
Thickness 13.3mm
Terminal power supply
height 110mm
width 108mm
Thickness 13.3mm
Material PC+ABSflame retardant
Degree of protection IP20
Flammability rating UL94/V0
Colour white+grey
EMC data
Electrical fast transient/burst immunity compliant with:IEC 61326-1;A-leve
Surge immunity compliant with:IEC 61326-1;B-leve
Radiated,radio-frequency,electromagnetic field immunity compliant with:IEC 61326-1
Electrostatic discharge immunity compliant with:IEC 61326-1;A-leve
mmunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields compliant with:IEC 61326-1
Immunity to conducted, common mode disturbances in the frequency range 0 Hz to 150 kHz compliant with:IEC 61326-1
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Relative humidity <90% RH (no condensate)
Environmental requirements The air should not contain any medium corrupting the coat of chrome,nickel and silver.Moreover,violent quiver and impact or any cause of electromagnetic induction (such as big current or spark,etc.)must be avoided when using
Connection data
Conductor cross section solid range 0.5~2.5mm²
Conductor cross section AWG min. 12
Conductor cross section AWG max. 24
Stripping length 8mm
Screw thread M3
Connection method Screw connection
Tightening torque min.  0.5 Nm
Tightening torque max.  0.6 Nm
Installation method DIN35mm
Overall dimensions
Installation method