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PM-01CP-PD Profibus-DP adapter

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PM series

With a unified Profibus-DP adapter, investment, operation and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced and productivity can be significantly improved.

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Basic parameters
Number of slave stations According to the main station
Maximum number of sub module extensions 32
Cable Profibus-DP Special cable
Data transmission medium Shielded, unshielded twisted pair or optical fiber
Distance The maximum transmission distance is 1000m when it is between 9.6K and 187.5Kbps;
400m at 500Kbps;
200m at 1500Kbps;
100m at 3000K to 12000Kbps, extendable by 10km with a repeater
Bus rate 9.6K~12Mbps
Electrical isolation 500V
Scan period <3ms
Maximum transmission information length 255B
Maximum data length 244B
Typical length 244B
Network outage self recovery 3S
Connection method TUBS bus shrapnel connection
Other characteristics Support address mapping
Monitoring type System power monitoring
Data in
Input Current 100mA
Output data
Output voltage DC5V
Output current DC2A
Power supply parameters
Working power supply 24VDC±10%


Length 100mm
Width 48mm
Height 69mm
Material ABS flame retardant
Protection grade IP20
Flame retardant grade UL94/V0
Colour White
Usage environment
Continuous operating temperature 0℃~550℃
Storage temperature ﹣25~﹢85℃
Relative humidity 95% RH (No condensed water)
Environmental requirements There should be no strong vibrations, impacts, high currents, sparks or other electromagnetic induction effects in the surrounding environment. The air should not contain media that corrode chromium, nickel, and silver coatings, and should not contain flammable or explosive substances
Installation method DIN35mm guide rail installation

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