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PN-5N0X 32 channel digital input integrated I/O (NPN)

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PN-5N0X is an integrated I/O module that integrates a Profinet adapter and 32 digital inputs (effective at low levels) to collect digital signals on site

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Technical Parameter
Scanning cycle <3ms
Configuration method Through the main station
Ethernet interface function Ethernet switch
Network outage self recovery 3s
Power input 24VDC(±25%)
Current consumption System side current consumption (no-load) 100mA
System side current consumption (full load) 120mA
Other features Support for address mapping
Electrical isolation 500V
Working temperature 0~55℃
Storage temperature ﹣25~﹢85℃
Relative humidity 95%, no condensing
Protection level IP20
Size specification Length 113 * width 72 * height 40 (mm)
Weight 200g
Installation method Standard 35mm guide rail
Certification CE
Interface parameters
Bus protocol Profinet
Network cable EtherCAT5 network cable
Transmission distance 100M (station to station distance)
Transmission rate 100Mbps
Bus interface 2*RJ45
Numeric parameter
Input signal type
Rated voltage 24 VDC(±25%)
Number of signal points 32
Signal type NPN (low level active)
Signal voltage (NPN) of '0' 15~30 V
Signal voltage (NPN) of '1' ﹣3~﹢3 V
Input filtering Default 3 ms
Input current 3 mA
Isolation method Optocoupler isolation
Isolation and withstand voltage 500 V on the field side and digital side, with no isolation between channels
Channel indicator light Green LED light

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