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PN-0X5P 32 Channel Digital Output Integrated I/O (PNP)

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PN-0X5P is an integrated I/O module that integrates a Profinet adapter and 32 digital outputs (effective at high levels) to control the digital signal output on site

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Technical Parameter
Scanning cycle <3ms
Configuration method Through the main station
Ethernet interface function Ethernet switch
Network outage self recovery 3s
Power input 24VDC(±25%)
Current consumption System side current consumption (no-load) 100mA
System side current consumption (full load) 130mA
Other features Support for address mapping
Electrical isolation 500V
Working temperature 0~55℃
Storage temperature ﹣25~﹢85℃
Relative humidity 95%, no condensing
Protection level IP20
Size specification Length 113 * width 72 * height 40 (mm)
Weight 200g
Installation method Standard 35mm guide rail
Certification CE
Interface parameters
Bus protocol Profinet
Number of I/O stations Based on the main station
Network cable EtherCAT5 network cable
Transmission distance 100M (station to station distance)
Transmission rate 100Mbps
Bus interface 2*RJ45
Numeric parameter
Output signal type
Rated voltage 24 VDC(±25%)
Number of signal points 32
Signal type PNP (high level active)
Load type Resistive load, inductive load, lamp load
Drive capacity Rated 200mA/single channel
Isolation method Optocoupler isolation
Isolation and withstand voltage 500 V on the field side and digital side, with no isolation between channels
Channel indicator light Green LED light

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