Industry Applications

New materials

In the new materials industry, different types of signals and communication protocols are often involved, such as analog signals, digital signals, signals of different levels, etc. Signal isolators can provide signal conversion and adaptation functions, converting different types of signals into signals suitable for processing by target devices, achieving compatibility and interconnection between devices. Signal isolators can provide electrical isolation, interference protection, signal conversion, and safety isolation functions in the new material industry, ensuring stable operation of equipment, accuracy and safety of signals, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.
New materials

Project Application

entry name product number
Workshop construction Signal isolator ***
Shandong Guoci 72 meter Roller Kiln Signal isolator ***
Complete set of microfiber materials project Signal isolator ***
Upgrading and Renovation Project of Green Manganese New Material Industry Base Signal isolator ***
100000 ton green lightweight high-end aluminum alloy new material deep processing project Signal isolator ***
60000 tons/year ethylene process special polyvinyl alcohol resin upgrading and renovation project Signal isolator ***