Industry Applications


The monitoring equipment in the photovoltaic system is used to monitor the performance and operational status of the photovoltaic array. These devices are very sensitive to voltage surges, so surge protectors are needed to prevent the impact of surge voltage on them and protect the normal operation of monitoring equipment. Surge protectors are used in the photovoltaic industry to protect various components of photovoltaic systems from voltage surges. They are applied to photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic arrays, distribution systems, and monitoring equipment, providing effective surge protection to ensure the stability, reliability, and safety of photovoltaic systems. This helps to extend the lifespan of photovoltaic equipment, improve the performance and sustainability of photovoltaic systems.

Project Application

entry name product number
Aikang CR Donghai County Pingming Town 70MW Composite Photovoltaic Project Surge Protective Device ***
200000 kW Rural Revitalization Comprehensive Development Fishery (Agricultural) Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Caoyun Town Surge Protective Device ***
Guangqi Fick Parking Lot 16.9MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Surge Protective Device ***
Ganqing Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Station Project in Huaping County, Lijiang City Surge Protective Device ***