Industry Applications


There are a large number of pipelines, tanks, reactors and other equipment in the petrochemical industry, which require isolation operations during maintenance and repair to ensure the safety of workers. Isolation safety barriers can be used to cut off the connection between equipment such as pipelines and valves and the working area, ensuring that material flow between the working area and equipment is stopped, and avoiding the occurrence of accidents. In the petrochemical production process, some work needs to be carried out in hazardous environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive media. Isolation safety barriers can be used to isolate work areas, ensuring that workers stay away from hazardous areas and reducing accident risks. Isolation safety barriers play an important role in the petrochemical industry, providing safety guarantees, protecting the environment, preventing accidents, and supporting emergency response and equipment maintenance.

Project Application

entry name product number
SIS system Isolated safety barrier ***
(Penglai) New Material Construction Project Isolated safety barrier ***
2022 Refining and Chemical Three Agent Composite Additives Isolated safety barrier ***
Procurement of air preheaters for process furnace low nitrogen emission reduction and energy-saving renovation project Isolated safety barrier ***
Acceptance monitoring of an annual production of 500000 tons of combined alkali project Isolated safety barrier ***