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Machine tool

Machine tools are usually equipped with safety doors to restrict operators from entering hazardous areas. The safety relay can be used in conjunction with the safety door sensor to monitor the status of the safety door. When the safety door is opened or damaged, the safety relay will cut off the power supply of the machine tool to prevent operators from entering the hazardous area. The safety relay can monitor various actions of the machine tool, such as the position, speed, and direction of the motion axis. By connecting to devices such as sensors and encoders, safety relays can monitor the status of the machine tool in real-time. When abnormal or unsafe actions are detected, the power can be cut off to avoid accidents. Safety relays play an important role in safety protection in the machine tool industry. They ensure the safety of machine tool operators and reduce the risk of machine tool accidents by monitoring and controlling the operating status, safety doors, movements, and area positions of the machine tool.
Machine tool

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Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering for Manufacturing Capacity Transformation and Upgrade Project safety relay ***
Heavy truck harness automatic routing equipment system safety relay ***
gantry machining center safety relay ***
High end intelligent gear equipment development and industrialization project safety relay ***