Industry Applications


Modern cars use a large number of electronic devices, such as engine control units (ECUs), in car entertainment systems, navigation systems, sensors, etc. These devices are very sensitive to voltage surges, so surge protectors are needed to prevent damage caused by surge voltage from the power system. Surge protectors are used in the automotive industry to protect vehicle electrical systems and electronic devices from voltage surges. They are applied to onboard electronic devices, vehicle charging systems, ignition systems, lighting systems, and onboard battery management systems, providing effective surge protection and ensuring the stability and reliability of vehicle electrical systems.

Project Application

entry name product number
The fourth desulfurization station of Daniudi Gas Field has been completed and put into operation Surge Protective Device ***
Design Section 2 of Dalian Municipal Gas Pipeline and Auxiliary Facilities Modification Project Surge Protective Device ***
Tianjin Nangang LNG Emergency Reserve Project Surge Protective Device ***
PLC host of Huaneng Taicang Port Company Surge Protective Device ***