Industry Applications


The remote I/O module can be connected to various devices, sensors, and monitoring systems of the photovoltaic power plant to monitor the operational status in real-time. Through remote I/O modules, operation and maintenance personnel can remotely view the operation status of photovoltaic battery packs, inverters, metering equipment, etc., monitor key parameters such as power generation, grid connection status, temperature, voltage, etc., timely detect abnormal situations, and take corresponding maintenance measures. Through the monitoring, data collection and analysis, equipment control and optimization, fault diagnosis and maintenance, as well as safety monitoring and protection functions of photovoltaic power plants, remote I/O modules can improve the power generation efficiency, operational reliability, and safety of photovoltaic power plants.

Project Application

entry name product number
45000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon project in the second phase of new energy Remote I/O module ***
Research and Demonstration Application of Intelligent Control Integrated System for Large Photovoltaic Power Stations in the 2000MW Area of Guoneng Zhishen Ningdong and Monitoring System - Industrial Control Information Security Equipment Remote I/O module ***
2022 Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Construction Project (Secondary) Remote I/O module ***
AGC/AVC system upgrade and renovation project Remote I/O module ***