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Water affairs

The control system in the water industry is used to monitor and control parameters such as water flow, pressure, and water level. The sensors, PLCs, and other electronic devices in these control systems are very sensitive to voltage surges. Surge protectors can be installed in the circuit of the control system to prevent voltage surges from damaging the control system, ensuring the normal operation and automation control of the system. The application of surge protectors in the water industry is mainly to protect water equipment and systems from voltage surges. They are applied to water pump systems, water treatment equipment, control systems, and water quality monitoring and analysis equipment, providing effective surge protection, ensuring the stability, reliability, and safety of water management systems, while reducing equipment failures and maintenance costs.
Water affairs

Project Application

entry name product number
Huangpi District Panlongcheng Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II Construction Project Surge Protective Device ***
Fuxing Village Fu'er Modern Pig Breeding Project Surge Protective Device ***
Comprehensive wastewater treatment and improvement renovation project for the entire factory Surge Protective Device ***
Hongjiang Drainage Expansion and Renovation Project Phase I Hongjiang Drainage Phase IV Upgrading and Renovation Project Equipment Procurement and Installation Project Surge Protective Device ***