Industry Applications


Petrochemical equipment usually requires an emergency stop function to respond to sudden hazardous situations. Safety relays can be used in conjunction with emergency stop buttons, safety switches, etc. When an emergency occurs, the operator can press the button or trigger the switch, and the safety relay will cut off the power supply and stop the operation of related equipment. Safety relays play a crucial role in the petrochemical industry, protecting the safety of petrochemical process equipment and systems. They are applied in fire and explosion protection, pressure and temperature monitoring, liquid level control, gas detection and ventilation control, and emergency stop functions. By timely monitoring and controlling key parameters, and cutting off power or triggering alarms when necessary, safety relays can help prevent accidents and reduce potential hazards, ensuring the safe operation of petrochemical processes.

Project Application

entry name product number
SIS system Isolated safety barrier ***
(Penglai) New Material Construction Project Isolated safety barrier ***
2022 Refining and Chemical Three Agent Composite Additives Isolated safety barrier ***
Procurement of air preheaters for process furnace low nitrogen emission reduction and energy-saving renovation project Isolated safety barrier ***
Acceptance monitoring of an annual production of 500000 tons of combined alkali project Isolated safety barrier ***