Industry Applications

3C Digital

Remote I/O modules have various applications in the 3C digital industry (computer, communication, and consumer electronics), mainly involving device monitoring, data collection, remote control, and intelligent management. The remote I/O module provides reliable technical support for the intelligent management and remote operation of 3C digital devices through functions such as device status monitoring, data collection and analysis, remote control and operation, device safety and protection, and remote maintenance and diagnosis.
3C Digital

Project Application

entry name product number
Procurement of HMI update and data communication services for the DCS control system of Jiaming Power Plant Phase III units Remote I/O module ***
Xia Fen - Class 6 Flexible Display Screen Production Line Project Construction General Contracting 1- Maintenance Engineering Remote I/O module ***
Qingdao Radio and Television Station 4K TV Relay Vehicle System Project Package 2: 4K TV Relay Vehicle System and Integration Remote I/O module ***
New Display Module Production Line Project Pile Foundation Engineering Remote I/O module ***