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Tire Rubber

Remote I/O modules also have some applications in the tire and rubber industry, mainly involving production process monitoring, equipment management, data collection, and quality control. The remote I/O module can be connected to various devices and sensors on the production line to monitor the production process of tire rubber in real-time. Through the remote I/O module, operators can remotely monitor the equipment status, production speed, temperature, pressure and other parameters on the production line, timely detect abnormal situations, and take corresponding measures to improve production efficiency and quality. The remote I/O module can be connected to various sensors and instruments, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, etc., to collect various data in real-time during the tire rubber production process. These data can be transmitted to the data analysis platform through remote I/O modules for data analysis and modeling to optimize production processes and improve product quality. Through production process monitoring, equipment management and maintenance, data collection and analysis, quality control and testing, as well as energy-saving and environmental monitoring functions, remote I/O modules can improve the efficiency, quality, and sustainable development level of tire rubber production.
Tire Rubber

Project Application

entry name product number
Transformation of forming workshop Remote I/O module ***
Construction Project of Shanghai High end Intelligent Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base with Additional Equipment Remote I/O module ***
35000 tons/year special nitrile rubber plant DCS, SIS, GDS system open bidding Remote I/O module ***
The Vietnam Project of Qianjin Tire (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. - Steel Wire Calender-250 Rubber Supply Extruder Remote I/O module ***