Industry Applications


The remote I/O module of the plastic film extension unit can be connected to sensors and instruments on the printing equipment, such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, color detectors, etc., to collect various data in real-time during the printing process. These data can be transmitted to the data analysis system through remote I/O modules for data analysis and modeling to optimize printing processes, improve product quality and consistency. The remote I/O module can be connected to energy consumption monitoring instruments and environmental monitoring equipment to collect real-time energy consumption data and environmental parameters during the printing process. Through remote I/O modules, operators can remotely monitor energy consumption and environmental conditions, conduct energy-saving and environmental management, and reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. Through production monitoring and scheduling, equipment control and management, data collection and analysis, quality management and testing, as well as energy-saving and environmental monitoring functions, remote I/O modules can improve the efficiency, quality, and sustainable development level of printing production.

Project Application

entry name product number
Printing equipment Remote I/O module ***
Roller flexographic printing machine Remote I/O module ***
Big four open four color business printing machine Remote I/O module ***
Silicone screen printing machine Remote I/O module ***
Silicone screen printing plastic film extension machine Remote I/O module ***