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Isolator FAQ

Analog signal isolator applications?
It can be used in all industrial occasions requiring electronic measurement and control systems, such as power plants, metallurgical plants, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, oil and natural gas production plants and chemical production plants in process control. In fact, in the continuous or batch production process, analog signal isolators, isolation distributors, isolation distributors, and temperature transmitters are used to measure and control various physical quantities, such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, weight, speed, and so on. After these physical parameters are accurately measured, although they will be affected by external factors such as atmosphere and installation, it must be ensured that they will not be reduced or interfered in the process of transmission from the site to the control room. High quality electronic systems are required to convert or transmit these signals, which can adapt to or resist the interference or influence of harsh environment, such as temperature change, electromagnetic interference, vibration, corrosion or explosion.
What functions can the analog signal isolator provide?
One or more of the following:
1. high reliable isolation of DC signal measurement and control signal.
2. convert various non-standard signals into standard signals, such as 0-5V input signals, into 4-20mA output signals.
3. amplify the small signal input by the sensor, such as the MV signal of the thermocouple, carry out linearization processing, and convert it into a large current signal output, so that it can transmit a distance of hundreds of meters or even kilometers without signal attenuation.
4. generate relay contact alarm signal through analog input signal to complete status monitoring and alarm.
Why is a separate analog signal isolator still needed today? Obviously, the control system (PLC and DCS) can perform some of the same functions.
1. this is true to some extent, but we notice that these field devices (transmitters, sensors, valves and actuators) are transmitted to various places through cables. Usually they enter the control room directly, but there are also many signals to be transmitted to the local display and alarm, and they need to be isolated from each other.
2. many sensors, such as thermocouple temperature sensors, often need to be isolated, converted and converted into standard high current signals (such as 4-20mA) after ground wire characterization processing to adapt to long-distance transmission, which can replace expensive thermocouple compensation wires for transmission to the control room.
3. if the control system has no analog input card with isolation function, it also needs to be isolated by an independent signal isolator.
4. when the control system cannot supply power to sensors and transmitters, isolators and signal distributors can do this very conveniently.
5. if it is independent of the control system display, a highly integrated separate display is required, which can be easily realized by the signal distributor of one in one out.
6. when the factory operator needs to process the signal in terms of grounding, for example, a material volume indicator is required when filling the material storage tank, but the measured signal is a material level signal (the conversion of material level to volume depends on the specific structure and shape of the storage tank).
7. the control system needs to be able to receive only 4-20mA analog signal input, but the sensor provides other unconventional signals, such as 0-20mv, 2-10v, 0-10k Ω, 0-1ma, 4-12khz, 0-5A AC, etc., which can be easily solved by adding a signal isolation converter.
8. when the control system needs to be reliably isolated from the electronic noise pulse superimposed on the analog input signal, the isolator can safely and reliably isolate it.
9. the increase of analog input signals means that when a new and expensive control system i/o card is needed, a cost-effective isolator can easily realize capacity expansion.
How do I choose the right product for a specific application?
1. Nanjing palokun Technology Co., Ltd. has a wide range of analog signal isolator products, covering the vast majority of application needs. Moreover, our products are still expanding. We also provide some useful tools to help select, set and configure.
2. if we can't find a suitable product in your application, it doesn't mean we haven 't. tell us your requirements. If we still can't find a solution from the existing product series, we can produce a customized product for you, which is a manifestation of the commitment and overall technical strength of Nanjing Paragon Technology Co., Ltd.