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Main application scope and characteristics of palokun technology signal isolator

1. Application scope and characteristics of passive isolator: passive isolator:
The passive isolator does not need external power supply, and is simple and convenient to use. It is designed with low labor consumption and long service life. It is applied to a0/ai module. The isolation protection of each analog port is often used in automation fields such as cement and power.
2. Active isolator:
Active isolators, which need external 24V power supply, have higher transmission accuracy and stronger load capacity, and are especially used in field signal conversion and remote transmission, and in automation fields such as cement, metallurgy, water treatment, etc.
3. Isolated allocator:
The isolated distributor, whose product needs external power supply, can divide the on-site signal into two, three and four identical or different signals, and is often used in the automation fields such as environmental protection and electric power.
4. Temperature transmitter:
The temperature transmitter can convert the on-site thermal resistance and thermocouple signals into standard industrial signals. The product has temperature compensation and nonlinear processing. It is applicable to automation fields such as metallurgy, glass fiber, cement and environmental protection.
5. Power transmitter:
Single phase AC voltage transmitter, three-phase AC current transmitter, power factor transmitter, active power transmitter, reactive power transmitter, active and reactive combined power transmitter.