Paroken Becomes Supplier Member of Huadian Group

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Over the years, Paroken has provided products such as signal isolators and power transmitters for the projects of the five major power generation groups, and has won the trust and affirmation of all parties in terms of quality and service.

         As a professional manufacturer and service provider of industrial communication system solutions, the company will launch products that meet market demand and satisfy customers every year, and do a good job in its related pre-sales and after-sales services, and maintain a lasting and stable relationship with major domestic companies with a good reputation. Partnership. Based on years of reputation and trust in the industry,This year5month,ParokenAwarded"China Huadian Corporation" e-commerce platform, "power plant level" supplier membership certificate.

        The acquisition of this honor marks the market's further recognition of the Parokan brand. We will make industrial communications better with a more complete process and better after-sales service.