Zhengzhou automation exhibition ended successfully, wonderful to share with you

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Zhengzhou Automation Exhibition Ends

From March 15 to March 18, 2022, the first industrial automation event in 2022-Haobo Zhengzhou Automation Exhibition, a 4-day industrial automation and instrumentation exhibition, was opened. Nanjing Parokan unveiled new products and solutions and won the attention and recognition of professionals in this field.

New Product Launch
// Terminal power supply type DV series

Basic coverage of automatic control system in a variety of signal isolation, conversion, distribution and other functional requirements.

It is mainly used to connect the electrical equipment between the industrial field instrument and the control room, and effectively solve the field interference problem of the industrial automation control system through the reliable isolator between the power supply, input and output.

// Base power supply type DA series

Paroken independently developed a new generation of products, which can realize centralized power supply of the base, plug-in installation, reduce installation costs, and have the characteristics of high precision and high interference suppression, making system integration more convenient and more reliable.

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Thanks to the friends who came to this exhibition for face-to-face communication, and thank you for your strong support. Due to the sudden epidemic, many customers failed to come to the exhibition site. Parokan will work with you to seek common development.

The idea of Parokan

Opening the "Made in China 2025" with Intelligent Manufacturing-The technology research and development and engineering application of intelligent manufacturing have become the key areas of my country's industrial policy formulation, technological innovation planning and industrial resource allocation. Nanjing Paroken Technology continues to pursue technological innovation, explore technology, and is committed to providing better products and services in the field of industrial automation process control.

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