Parokan and Jiangsu Shengdian Law Firm reached a cooperation agreement

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2022Year7Month14On the same day, Paroken Technology signed an agreement with Jiangsu Shengdian Law Firm to escort the company's long-term and stable development.

In the face of various risks in the operation of enterprises, the prevention and control of legal risks is particularly prominent and important. Legal advisers play a significant role in the prevention and control of legal risks in the process of enterprise development.

Legal risk covers the business activities of the enterprise.many aspects, to the enterprise involved in economic transaction activities.Contract Law, Rights and Interests Protection Law,Audit law, bidding law, etc.,The professional legal team has perfect and targeted protection measures.

The protection of intellectual property rights is a very important part of the company's legal activities, and the use of legal means to protect intellectual property rights can make up for the lack of technical means,Can provide maximum support,Favorable response to unfair competition in the market.

The legal counsel team can also use their own advantages in negotiation to play a very positive role in the introduction of the company's talents.

The conclusion of this cooperation agreement has played an important role in the long-term and stable development of Paroken Technology in the future, and has played a major role in promoting the benefit of society, customers, and employees.